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All about LEAD
Accounting Plus


Lead Accounting Plus is an accounting and ERP software solution made to bridge the gap between generic accounting solutions and complex and cost prohibitive ERP systems for Small & Medium Businesses.



Get to know your business better with lead



Lead has a very simple and user friendly billing interface. This includes customer card (loyalty point system), barcode, row wise and total margin report, taxation details, recurring invoice processing, online order processing and much more.

Manage your inventory at different locations separately. Manage inter branch transfer. Get reports on top selling goods, top moving goods etc. 

Peacefully do your billing and enter purchase details. GST will be computed on each bill automatically. Also GST reports are available in the format in which it should be uploaded. In addition, directly generate and download E-way bill and E-invoice directly from the software.

Lead is a desktop application that can work both online and offline. To access it online you can keep your data either on a personal server setup with a static IP or on cloud provided by any service provider of your choice.

Various reports in both graphical and tabular forms to help you analyse information about your business in real time to take crucial business decisions. 

 In built document designer which enables you to design templates of documents to be printed like Invoice, Receipt voucher, Delivery Note etc. You can design the entire document the way you want with logos and data fields of your choice.

Lead includes industry specific features like unique options for manufacturing, service centres, construction companies etc.

Set up sales schemes like specific discounts or special rates for any item for any period. 

Special Rates and discounts will be applied when your sales staff login and try to create invoices.

Website for your organisation for management to get reports online. Same can also be used by customers to order online or by salesmen to generate orders for your customers. 

You can process these orders directly from the software.


 Get live reports of each projects that you may have, for example, if you have a construction concern and have multiple projects. you will need information like the materials consumed, expenses incurred, transactions with the concerned customer etc in a single report.

If you are Medium scale business in manufacturing getting an ideal software solution to track the information is crucial. But the ideal solutions for such purposes costs extremely high. There was a clear gap in the market for an accounting software with manufacturing module which is exactly what Lead solves. Track batch wise raw material consumption, budgeted and actual production, unit cost etc. Get a digital replica of your actual production process.

Our work order module helps to track works that might take some time to finish, like for example, vehicle service at Vehicle Service Centres. In such cases you have track inventory consumption for the particular work in real time and once the work is done, get it converted to a final invoice. You will also be able to link these works to customers and refer these work reports later using their unique ID,, vehicle number or phone numbers. You can check the report anytime to get the status of the work and you can send E-mail or SMS to the client from the same report window itself.