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Medovik Bakes (Beehive) is a Russian honeycake manufacturer. In just 2 years they had amazing growth and brand name. They used to do accounting using multiple software solutions and then used excel to manually prepare all the reports and do the analysis.


Ideally they should be able to do everything in one software to save time from doing the same work repetitively. This gives real time reports. Also reporting should be also automated to the needs of the business rather than creating it manually each time.

Our Solution

In Lead Accounting Plus, they can do everything from billing, inventory management and reporting in one single software. Additionally for custom view of the live status of the enterprise we created an online intuitive and good looking dashboard. Their previous mode of analytics in excel was also automated without manual intervention.


The accuracy of informations like inventory data, profit and sales improved. In depth analysis can now be made much faster without a lot of human intervention.


Through careful research and a collaborative design process, we were able to create a unique and effective logo design that met the client's objectives and helped them to achieve their business goals.

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